Enactus Focuses on Social Enterprises and Alignment with the UN Sustainable Living Goals

Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 

The Enactus Worldwide Board feels very strongly that part of our sustainability worldwide is to move Enactus to being a social enterprise that advances social enterprises and that we should aggressively join the effort to achieve the SDG’s. 

The intent is to define Enactus as a Social Enterprise and that will be the business model going forward as this move is to enable sustainability beyond the traditional non-profit model. A task force of Country Leaders will be organized to work on this initiative. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 

We constantly speak about our impact or social impact in relation to our programming activities and yet it is often difficult to clearly measure that impact. We say we create a better world but what does that mean and how do we prove it? The World has come together to do a global needs assessment and has said if we achieve these 17 goals we will have created a better world. Achieving these goals can give us clearer definition of our impact. We have realized that when we map the current Enactus projects and align them to the SDGs there are very few projects (less than 5%) that would not fit into one of the SDGs. Therefore, by being an early adopter of this effort it gives us as Enactus the opportunity to rally our students in each country and around the world around this global initiative. In addition, it also give us a primary messaging for global media, thereby amplifying the Enactus brand. There is a movement for third party impact measures around the SDG’s as well as Impact Investment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause Marketing aligning with the SDG;s, all of which we can benefit from. 

International will also be organizing a Country Leader task force to help support Enactus Global on this initiative.The implementation of the SDGs and th